Summary clinical studies

Clinical studies on the eye with hypertonic 5 % sodium chloride solution

  • Significant reduction of corneal oedema in keratitis bullosa patients and normalisation of the visual acuity  (1)
  • Chronic corneal oedemas in patients with Fuchs’ dystrophy, glaucoma, cataract, trauma and corneal transplantation were treated successfully using medical contact lenses and hypertonic sodium chloride solution as well as with other eye medication. Significant pain reduction as well as an improvement in visual acuity and corneal pathology was achieved  (2)
  • No significant adverse reactions of the eye on treatment with hypertonic 5 % sodium chloride solution  (3) (4)
  • Successful treatment of patients with filamentary keratitis: 95 % reduction in symptoms within a month (5)
  • Application of hypertonic sodium chloride solution during LASEK surgery displayed high precision in the correction of visual acuity and a high level of safety. Advantages of the hypertonic sodium chloride solution compared to alcohol lie in the reduced toxic effect on the corneal epithelium (6)

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